Sistema de reutilización y revalorización de un material de desecho
The project RECYTRACK "elastomeric material designed environmentally friendly based on a blend of shredded end of life tire resin for railway applications" is a research project funded by the European Union through its LIFE +2010 financing instrument which has begun in October 2011 and will run over three years Thanks to a budget assigned of approximately €1,500,000.

The main objective of the project is the demonstration of RECYTRACK environmental benefits and the technical and economic viability of an elastomeric material respectful with the environment which develop is based on the mixture of crushed end of life tires (ELT) and resin for railway application.

The main applications came from RECYTRACK project are:

• New system of isolated block for slab track
• Elastomeric mat for ballasted conventional rail system and slab track

To reach the overall aim, first the following objectives should be achieved:

• Identification and definition of the legal, technical and economical for the value chain of the demonstrators at work
• Scaling technology adapted especially for Rail scenario demonstrators
• Implementation of elastomeric solutions in railway projects under construction and / or maintenance
• Monitoring and evaluation of elastomeric solutions
• Plan Development Dissemination of results

Nuevo sistema de bloque aislado para vía en placa   Manta elastomérica para sistema de ferrocarril convencional con balasto y vía en placa